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Microphone bags


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Hi Guys,


Firstly, Happy New Year to all.


I currently have a varied selection of vocal and instrument microphones which I keep for live applications. Within a larger flightcase, each mic lives in its own pouch. My problem is that not all mics came with a pouch, and don't fit in any of the standard types (Shure, Beyer etc). I'm thinking of bulky ones like an AKG D112, or some of the longer goose-neck types, lectern mics etc.


Does anyone know of a UK source for padded pouches of varied sizes which would fit this purpose? What do others use to safely carry mics 'on tour'? I don't really want to use the original boxes, as they would quickly get tatty, and I like to keep these in good nick in case I ever sell the mic. Also, transferring the original fitted foam to a custom made box for eack mic isn't really money or space efficient.


Any ideas?



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If you're particularly after mic bags rather than a case, a trip to the local stationers for some pouch-type pencil cases will do the trick. The long ones (to take a 30cm ruler) are perfect for C1000's and short shotguns.

As for the D112, it's a pain to bag up. All of my kit is in a pre-cut flightcase (pelicase) but Terralec do some headphone bags of the drawstring type that might do the trick.

Bags never offer mechanical protection though. My Pelicase is sealed and has space for all my mics and spares, plus a tube of dessicant in there.

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We still use the manufacturer's pouches for most of the mics. We have a couple of D112's in stock but have the original plastic cases for these which we still use. Why AKG decided to stop supplying the cases without offering a pouch replacement is a mystery to me!


Perhaps we should collectively write to them and ask them to reconsider...



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My Pelicase is sealed and has space for all my mics and spares, plus a tube of dessicant in there.
But the COST! You could buy the BBC for the cost of a medium-sized Pelicase!



Aha, that's why when I saw mine in a skip being thrown from work because the equipment it protected was no longer in use, it found a new home (with company permission of course!).

You can buy a cheap case with foam to cut out for less than £20 which do the job fine, but as the OP mentioned bags specifically, I assumed they had reasons. Nevertheless, a case wins every day in my book!

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