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socapex Breakouts to speakon

Mac Man

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Hi All


Would like to find out if anyone can point me in the correct direction/supplier for the following.


Socapex (m/F) cable or chassis mounted (between 6 to eight chanels) to speakon NL2's


Would like to purchase these jumpers already made up or can make up myself.




Mac :o

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Think you will find they are Powercon's. Specifically designed for "Mains" voltage.


Rated current per contact 30 A rms continuous

Rated current per contact 40 A audiosignal, duty cycle 50 %

Rated voltage 250 V (Insulation)


Is what their website say's.


The Powercon is designed for mains voltage applications


Rated current per contact 20 A

Rated voltage 250 V

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I'll add to the vdc vote.


I have used them for many years now and will not use anyone else. all our multis are from them as is all our soca cabling, soca splits and all my links besides every other bit of cable we stock.


they have a very good techinal team headed by Giles Copeman.



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Where to Buy?


If we don't have any bench time and need to buy would use Kelsey or if desperate VDC.



Kelsey are Really good, Great product, Great service and Price. 01932 882222


Vdc are up and down, Great product, hit and miss on service and more expensive. 0207 7002777


Ac Lighting would make them, never used them but a good company so you should be fine. 01132 557666


Alternativley, if we have bench time. 01604 584498




Brett Masters

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