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Playlist specific laptop VJ software


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Hello All,


I am a complete lighting virgin. I play in a band and we use a lot of midi backing tracks. We want to load the tracks into a laptop and then have a kind of playlist that has an accompanying lighting show for each track so we don't have to worry about a lighting tech.


Is there a piece of software out there that you can load songs into and program lighting effects for each tune individually that can then play the tunes from the software?


Any advice on this is very much appreciated.


Many thanks and a merry Christmas to you all,




Kind regards,





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Is a range of USB - DMX options all of which come bundled with a free software (DMXControl (supplied on the CD)).


It's a very basic programme that lets you take an MP3 and add tags and cue commands so it will play the cues every time the track is played.


Will it handle MIDI Ring and ask!

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