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I have presently been looking at mixing desks I need a simple 6 or 10 channel mixing desk. I was thinking sound craft/ Yamaha I have good experience with the use of these desks but have no idea of the speck as I am an lighting man myself.

it will need to be cheap and not a powered mixer have spoken to friends but thought id get a 3rd opinion from the experts!


open to all suggestions




(if any mixers of description on ebay etc let me know!) :** laughs out loud **:

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Don't quite understand what you're asking. You say you've got no idea of the spec - and yet, you've determined that you definitely need a simple mixer, therefore you must know what it is that you need the mixer to do and so you should be able to work out what specification you need from that. If you have good experiences with using certain types of desk, then surely it would make sense to bear that in mind when selecting your new one?


If you know how many channels you need, what other features the desk needs to have (which, given that you've identified a need for this desk, I would have thought you'd know), and what your budget is, then you should be able to narrow down your choice fairly effectively. Why not have a look at the Thomann website for a start - they have a wide range of low-budget audio equipment, you should be able to find something on there that meets your needs.

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For anyone to be of much help we'll need to have rather more information about how you want to use the mixer. The number of channels is only one of many factors to consider when choosing a mixer.


A short while ago, another poster asked an apparently simple question to which the answers were rather more complex: what are the differences (besides just the number of channels) that make some desks worth £300 and others £30,000. This provoked a short but quite informative thread which might be worth you reading. Have a look HERE.


As for the two manufacturers you list, both make good value, well-thought-of gear. However, they have pretty wide ranges of models so you'll have to do a bit more thinking than just "Yamaha or Soundcraft".



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Although an LX man myself, I've used a variety of 'simple' mixers and can whole-heartedly recommend the Soundcraft M series, which from what I gather may be the level you're after.


Otherwise, Mackie do some neatly laid out and cheapish desks.


Have a look on the manufacturer websites - Soundcraft in particular have a lot of photos, manuals, etc. to help you make up your mind.



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I teach Physics for a living but have taken over all the stage lighting, pa , sfx etc for all manner of productions.

I bought years ago a Soundcraft Powerstation 600 - 8 inputs, built in Lexicon fx. Brilliant.

As ever, never enough inputs once music dept realises what can be done so I added a Soundcraft

E8 - also brilliant. From stage to mixers, is a 50 metre run of balanced line cable - 12 lines now. Add mikes , DI boxes and wack up the volume - I make more hiss just breathing. Great circuitry.


Downside to the E8 is that there is no insert to fx where one fx can be set for each channel - its either universal to the output or specific to one or two channels - only a problem when I am sub mixing 3 or more vocals.


But as a piece of quality kit, 2 auxs, 2 separate outputs to pa or stage, its been superb.


Thats my practical experience -hope it helps not hinders.



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checkout the Soundcraft M12. If you want a simple mixer I think this one is great! It costs £300 gives you 12 Mono and 4 Stereo Channels.

Does what it says on the tin!

I own one and just got my boss to buy 6 of them for the company for simple Conference work.

fits in a 19" frame and is easy to use.


The other mixers in this class I have used are Dynacord - Also a great mixer for this type of job but powered and Mackie 16 channel desk but I don't like them!

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As Allen & Heath is a personal favourite....




Or for an alternative try




But this one...





Should hopefully give you some pointers!


We have found Sounds Live an excellent supplier, and they're based in the UK!, have a chat with them, and see what they can offer you.


(we're not affiliated with this company in any way, just a satisfied customer).

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