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Distribution amps, also Behringer MX882


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I'm working on a project where I will need several audio distribution amps. Balanced in, mix of balanced and unbalanced outputs. Rackable. XLR outs or screw terminals. Ideally tweakable gain pots on each channel. Ideally stereo, 2 in and 4-6 out each side.


Budget is very tight, so does anyone have any recommendations for suitable products?



Also, does anyone have any real experience of the Behringer MX882. It's not really a DA - it's a bit of a mongrel actually, with a stereo in, stereo out, and 6 mono modules that can sort of be inputs or outputs, it has the potential to be used as 4-way stereo DA by hard-panning channels right and left. Has anyone used one? Is it quiet? noisy? I guess that at the price (around 50 quid) I should just buy one and try it....

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Drawmer DA6 XLR Sterero in (paralleled to a jack out) 6 pairs of stero outs on XLRs which can be made (12) mono. Stereo level in indicator, Switch selectable level out indicator and headphone monitor...


Simple. quiet, easy to use, excellent for supplying late arriving TV crews an audio feed at nearly any level.

Transformer out optional extra (avoid saturating them)... Worth it to avoid risks...

A bit pricy at 300+UK pounds. (There is also the LA12 - cheaper but only phonos)

One of the best investments I've made. :g:

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You might have a look at the RDL range of stuff from Canford. My catalogue is in shipping (to be delivered tomorrow!) so I can't easily check the in/out configurations available but I know they do have various combinations of balanced/unbalanced stereo/mono etc.


The performance isn't stellar but it's been "good enough" on a number of occasions when budgets were tight.



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