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help with my controller


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Hi guys, require some help


I just bought the stairville DJ-X controller and can't get it on manual mode. I have daisy chained my system up (consists of 2 scanners) and the controller won't go into manual mode. I have read the instructions and no matter how many times you press the manual mode button it won't do it. So all I can do at the moment is run the pre programmed chases.


I would be greatful for any help



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You might be pressing the wrong button, the 'manual' mode refers to the scene trigs, ie whether they are fired off sound to light, timer or manual. If you deselect a sequence run, this should drop back into fully manual..I think the button is called 'loop exit' or similar, from memory. You might have to 'fetch' the channels with each fader before the levels will return to the desk.
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