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Odd Sized Gel Frame


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I'm trying to track down some gel frames for some Coemar (aka Teatro) 500W cyc lights. They are 245mm x 170mm. Any ideas of any units which use this size frame?

Hi Brian,


Do you mean the Sequenza, which I do believe was an originally designed teatro fixture? The company I work for (Pearce Hire) have these fixtures is stock, but we don't have any spares (and up until now have not lost any!). On the page I have linked to there is a part code for the colour frame (5084), hopefully this is of some help, to you or your suppliers.






EDIT: On second thoughts after looking at the datasheet, and the sizes you gave, I'm not sure this is the fixture you are talking about.

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I use steel strapping that comes in a roll, used to be used a lot for pallet straps, to make colour frames. I spot weld the corners and spot weld small hinges to the rectangles. The steel strapping is spring steel so can bend to fit in Coda's etc. I make up a wooden jig to get them square.

It's only worth doing for those hard to get colour frames and if you have easy access to a spot welder.

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