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which beta?


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Conan, what people are saying is that the two you mention are both nice mics, but sound very different. The condenser is more precise and revealing at the top end, so it does depend if the singer has 'good' content up there, or 'nasty' stuff. SO if they have a gap between heir front teeth and tend to whistle, or have a naturally shrill, piercing voice, then I'd probably use the dynamic. If it was a really good high range singer, then I'd choose the condenser. Then of course, aftr making the choice and starting the soundcheck, I may have to swap again.


What wound people up was that you need to select equipment by listening, not paper spec. I can't describe how they sound different, but once you've heard them, you'll know.

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I'm gonna tail a bit on about the actual how to make it happen.


If possible take both and have both preped. Try them both out for a while and just go with the one that sounds best/makes the client happiest/ makes the singer happiest.


<free lesson on work ethics>

over all, sometimes it just comes down to customer service, does not matter which is best, if the client insists on a sound/light/whatever you think is bad, that is the one you gotta go with.

In my experience it is rare to have a client who gives techs complete control over what they are doing, clients love to get involved even if they are uneducated/have a little education/wrong on the subject. Best you can do is be prepared for every situation, do what you feel is best and accept that it may be all undone and redone at someone else's request.

Truth is we are no different to any other job involving "customer service" (which I believe is a very important part of being a tech) like in a shop, the staff (although they, like us try) dont always sell the BEST to a customer, more its a fine ballance of what the customer needs, wants, and can afford. Sometimes the rich "idiots" will just buy the most expensive even if its wrong for them, sometimes the poor will buy sometimg which does not do what they need because they cant spend the money they have to.

(I was a climbing store manager) On those excelent, and rare occasions, (like being a tech with a free reign) you can sell exactly what the customer wants, needs and can afford, those are always the happiest customers..

</free lesson on work ethics>

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I have available to me beta58a and beta87a what is the best chioce for vocals?



For vocals probably the Beta58A, but then again, as others have said your intended applcation is unclear.


If you have the option,


Then look at the.....





as alternatives.

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