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Strand 500 series Conventional Lighting


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On Tuesday, I was at a local theatre, and saw a manual they had called something like "Strand 500 series Conventional Lighting Manual". I was looking for it online today, but can't find it. Obviously, with Strand being bought by Genlyte, it has become a lot harder to find, but I was wondering if anyone had it on archive or something? I'd just like to get to know the desk better, as I'm going to use one soon for a show. I know how to program cues, with time and playback,etc. but I just wanted to know the desk better, if you see what I mean.


Thanks in advance,



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...Or are you looking for the 500 Series Conventional Tutorial? Link


I've got to say, I highly recommend the three tutorials on this page (conventionals, movers and scrollers).


I gave one of our casuals (who has no previous experience on the 520) a copy of the conventional one and an hour later she was so much more confident on the desk, and I now have another button-monkey I can call on :guilty:

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Sorry to burst your bubble, Ynot, but that's not it, I already have that.

** laughs out loud **!

My bubbles are all intact, thanks!

But had you ASKED for the tutorial, I'd have pointed you at that!

You asked for a manual....

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