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Microphone from Speaker !!


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When I was a boy (11 or 12 years old) I accidentally found that a microphone would work as a speaker. I had accidentally plugged it into the headphone jack on my portable stereo so as to record on a cassette.


When I pressed play, it played back through the mic in my hand. I was shocked!


Later, I learned the basic principles behind microphones and speakers. This was the first thing that piqued my interest in the "sound" world. (Not that I ever became very good at it, but I certainly do enjoy reading all of your expert posts!)

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Very assuming one when I was a student. Massively confused a sound engineer. We had a pair of (god awful) Maj monitors, one powered, one un powered, designed to be run off the powered one. All connections in and out where Jack. Arranged the monitors at about 90 degree's to each other, so they were to some extent pointing at each other. Power them up and all we got was feed back. Playing with the volume knobs on them turned down the level of the feed back but that was it. The desk wasn't even on at that stage. Much, much head scratching and we realised that we'd got the slave speaker plugged into the signal in of the powered one and that it since it was half pointed at the slace all we where getting was feed back.

From my position as lampy this was all quite amusing.

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