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Yamaha SPX90II


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Hi All,


I wonder if anybody can help with this issue...My elderly SPX90II has now decided not to output any effects.. The general state of play is..


Powers up fine. User interface (menus, etc) is as normal. Input signal level is controled by front panel pot, the resultant level is indicaled in the meter - all working fine.

Output is only present if the bypass switch is selected. The Balance control is set at 100% (this should then give a totally wet signal on the outputs)


The unit has given over 15 years of great service. I'm now not sure if it's economical to have it repaired...


Thanks to all for your comments.


Roy Stuart

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Great  units that series...

The rotary switch plays up every so often on mine (a later model) - oxidization of contacts, solved by some good quality contact cleaner.

Check the bypass jack plug (I think it had one?) and if worth risking it look for iffy joints on the board.

After that I think you get into the digital processing chain and specialist service work.

The input LEDS might be simply indicating the analogue signal pre-AD-conversion.

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