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Although I might have an allegiance to Avo I am not employed by them and do not consider myself biased in this regard.



I have been testing for over a year now in a harsh environment, large variety of show types changing daily with many different touring LD's using.


Hardware is all new, but software is currently essentially the simulator updated to be in-line with the 2004/2008 builds.


Software is mainly identical, meaning it does still contain older issues but nothing particularly new.


In this time I have experienced three minor 'failure' type issues - two were early Beta builds and all were fixable by 'restart software', which you can consider similar to the old reset button.


All feedback from touring persons has been good & I have run 100's of shows successfully in this time. I consider the desk to be solid and reliable. The extra playbacks and split roller are invaluable (never enough though!) and the upper bank buttons (and additional separate fixture page) are a godsend for busking. Built-in HDD means instant and frequent backups have become a normal activity. The speed of the console, even though it is presently running an emulator, makes a big difference. No longer will you see any slowdown with large numbers of HTP channels patched or pausing of chases when you recall palettes. Finally, there is the future possibilities with software (and hardware, being entirely USB based) which I personally find most exciting.



I have posted more details on any Expert specific issues elsewhere on this board. If I find them I will link.



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