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Your question as far as hiring mixers etc. goes is really too general to give a meaningful answer.


However, as per the topic listed in your title, there was a good discussion about what people mean by these terms earlier. This can be found HERE. This should clarify what people mean by the various terms you list.


Beyond this, you may wish to come back with some rather more specific questions about your panto needs.



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Also please note that getting good sound out of a laptop and into a mixer is NOT trivial! Consider the soundcard, is the on board card up to the job? Some are, some are NOT, consider the level, and the gain structure. Consider the earthing structure too, most of us have had nasty sounds coming from laptops via PA systems! Hums, earthloops, and SMPS noise for starters. Consider that you will almost certainly need a stereo earth loop breaker, or line level DI box or other audio isolator.
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