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Soft Patch LED's to FROG


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The most popular method seems to be to treat them a 3 separate fixtures each and then patch them as dimmer channels. if you want the effects, then these can be added too, although not everyone seems to use them. I don't, I just have them assigned as 36 dimmer channels - and then with patience you can do all sorts of nice chases and effects.
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yep that's it so you can have 6 faders rgbrgb - if you want the effects channel, add that too, but the frog can do more than the colour fade and flash offered by the 4th DMX channel. Most LED cheap fixtures don't have a global dimmer channel, so if you write a proper fixture lib type file for it, they don't fade out when you pull a master down which is a pain. using them like 3 separate fixtures in 1 housing seems popular.


I note there is a new LED fixture around


which looks nice - I wonder how bright these are with 10x red (1 Watt), 10x green (1 Watt), 5x blue (3 Watt) LEDs. There is also a 15 degree lens for them too


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If you address the first can as 1 and the seccond as 5 and so on then soft patch on the desk so each of the RGB channels are like this Ch1=Red1 Ch2=Green1 Ch3=Blue1 Ch4=Red2 Ch5=Green2 Ch6=Blue2 Ch7=Fx1 Ch8=Fx2


Hope this helps but I don't know how to soft patch


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The dip switches on the back of the par cans represent binary numbering to set the DMX address so:

Dip1 = 1

Dip2 = 2

Dip3 = 4

Dip4 = 8

Dip5 = 16

Dip6 = 32

Dip7 = 64

Dip8 = 128

Dip9 = 256

So if you wanted one on DMX address 367 you would set it

Dip1 = On

Dip2 = On

Dip3 = On

Dip4 = On

Dip5 = Off

Dip6 = On

Dip7 = On

Dip8 = Off

Dip9 = On

PM me with the DMX start addresses and I will tell you the Dip Switch Settings if you are unsure

Hope that helps


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