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Trackspot or Victory 2 VS Technobeam


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Hi all,


Just wondering what the main differences are in the Victory 2 or Trackspots versus the technobeams.

Apart from the obvious colour, gobo and effects wheels, is there much difference in them, and has anyone here had experience with all of these and can give a view on them.




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I'm sure one of the big differences between the Trackspot and the Technobeam is the lamp. The Technobeam uses a MSD 250/2 source whereas the Trackspot uses a halogen (of some sort) so both colour temperature and lamp life are completely different.

The Technobeam uses a completely different optic system where you can vary the beam angle within the unit via a slotted lens shaft. The optics are therefore far better on the Technobeams.

Because of the varied beam angle options, the Technobeam has a focus channel to focus (or diffuse) lithos.

The Trackspot has no rotating gobos, whereas the Technobeam uses rotating 'lithos'

The Technobeam has an FX wheel including a 5 facet rotating prim, 3D prism and frost filters.


In fact the more I think the about it, you can't really put these two fixtures side by side. They are two completely different fixtures that are used for different applicatons.

The Technobeam is very high end (sorry about the pun) piece of equipment used in massive concert touring rigs. The Trackspot however is more a very bright moving light which is probably better used in nightclub situations.

Remember though that Trackspots are pretty old now!


EDIT: My comparison was just between the Technobeams and Trackspots as I've never used the Victory 2's


If you are going to hire or buy one or the other, (depending on budget) there is a clear runner...

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the victory 2 do contain frost, prism, rotate etc.....


these are pretty bomb proof bits of kit as I have had some for 10 years now, the lamps are dirt cheap and the backup service you will get from the uk sgm distributor - lightfactor - is second to none, I would trust these everytime......


lee weathers

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