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Using the Stand Light Pallette OLE on Mac OSX

Wycombe Techie

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Hey Kyle,


I believe that the only way you could get the Palette OLE or any other Offline Editor (afaik!) to run on OS X is to run it in a Windows environment, either by using Boot Camp (or similar) to run solely in XP or by using a program like Parallels to run XP in a virtual machine and install it in there.


Using a program like Parallels also means you don't have to reboot into a different OS and can just switch between the 2.

Whether your machine would be fast enough to cope with running a vm though, I don't know!


HTH a little, Pete :** laughs out loud **:

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He can't run Boot Camp or Paralells on a G4. He'd have to use *eek* Virtual PC. Not recommended.


In your situation, unfortunately, I don't think you will be able to run it at any kind of usable speed. A bit cheeky as Strand use a Powerbook as the press photo for the Pallette offline editor. I believe the software that was going to be Pallette ran on either, but not this one, which is a modified version of Horizon.


It's a bit strong to say that no offline editors run in Mac OS, MrPete...I currently have Congo Offline and Jands Vista running just fine, and I believe there are a few others, too.

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