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LED Video Screens

El Senatore

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Howdy all,

apologies if this is a repeat question, couldn't find a previous thread.


Does anyone know of a good hire company for led video screens?

required for a two week period around xmas (for a college production of We Will Rock You)


Everything I know about AV can be written on a postage stamp so any help/info greatly appreciated


Muchos gracias

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I thiiink that large LED screens are really pretty pricey to hire. have you thought about projection? obviously that will be integrated into your set design completely differently to screens.


this may have helped you.

or I may have wasted 20 seconds of your life.


good luck anyway.

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Ha, no that seems to be the consensus opinion from the pms I recieved. Thanks for those.


I was after two video screens to display the visuals for a college production of we will rock you.


I think projections might be the way to go unless anyone knows of a compact, affordable, non-plasma option.



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What size image are you looking for?


hi there,

we have 15mm and 10mm led screens. Contact me via a pm or give ma a call on 07809158315. We also have plasma's up to 60 inch and projectors that can cater to anysize you are looking for more or less.



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I realise this MAY not be helpful in the slightest, but convincing them to do the show without screens at all would solve even more problems. Have a look on youtube for several shows that did away with the screens altogether and used more lighting effects (in fact, the professional show in Brazil doesn't use screens or projection), and it isn't missed. In fact, there are a few clips of amateurs trying to emulate the west end standard screens, and making the show actually look worse.
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Please add us to your list of people who have LED screens to hire.


You can see some pictures of our Lighthouse 10mm screen in action at:




Give me a call on 07714 980053 - even if you don't hire from us, I'd be happy to give you some free advice on the video side of things. We may also be able to help you out with content production.



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