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kerry davies

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Since last year the majority of NUS members working within their NUS entertainments departments have had associate membership of the PSA thanks to NUSSL.


It has recently come to the attention of the PSA national council that some of these students find it difficult to access the members area of the PSA website. This means that information and newsflashes on a wide range of subjects including H&S, freelancing, impending legislation, vacancies etc. is not open to all PSA members.


If you are an NUS member who qualifies as an associate PSA member and you have not already got access to the website, please contact your technical or entertainments manager and ask how to get it.


The PSA is committed to providing service to ALL its members and student members are an integral and vital sector in the association. Make the most of your membership and ask for access.


If you encounter difficulties you are welcome to PM me and I will problem-chase for you, or you can get your managers to email/call me. The PSA has no ulterior motive, will not gather data or flood members with spam, the association is here to serve the members.

Kerry Davies

PSA National Council Member

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