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City colour, chase howto?


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Ok.. next part of my learning to Opp lighting.


Trying to get my head around our city colours.

Basic fixtures. whach 5 diacroics and a shutter infront of a lamp each on a motor and thats it.



say I wanted to create a chase looping from cyan to yellow and back.


HOW can I do this without the white in the middle of the fade

step 1, with cyan, without yellow.

during fade <output=white>

step 2, without cyan, with yellow


OR on the other hand, without the green in the middle of the fade.

step 1 with cyan, without yellow

step 2 with cyan, with yellow <output=green>

step3 without cyan, with yellow

step4 with cyan, with yellow <output=green>


I know its relatively newbie question.. but its annoying me greatly!!

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Not being familiar with those fixtures, I'll speak from my own experience:


Doing a slow crossfade from a single fixture: you can't. There will always be a secondary color either in the beam itself or on the surface you are lighting. The closest I have ever come (short of using two fixtures to do it) is color scrollers with the two colors next to each other on the gel string.


But I am one man.



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From what I remember of using City colours... and it was a while ago.


They are 3 colour mixing, so...


Your two choices are, EITHER white in the middle of the fade, OR green.

That is, as mentioned, the only way they work... And any alternative method of mixing from cyan to yellow (say with 2 fixtures), must by its very nature either go via white or green. A scroller gets round this as it's not mixing.



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Otherwise, you could double the number of city colours you have... so you have units like this (excuse ASCII drawing)


A	   B	   C	   D
1	   2	   3	   4

and do first colour on units A-D, preset the next colour on units 1-4. Crossfade to the other set. Preset next colour. Crossfade back etc...

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unfotunatelly.. all our city colours were out in a serious downpour last weekend..


we've spent days with air compressors blowing water out the board and 2k fresnels warming them up and drying them out..


I need 10 for sunday night... we have.. 11 "working" <note the use of " ">


Think the best option is to make up chases with the green and white at a minimum as best I can and leave the client to decide which they prefer I think.

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if you didnt want to go through green you could bring in a bit of magenta then take it out again going through the red end of the spectrum to yellow, may feel a bit more of a natural colour progression.



I'll give that a go!


right after lunch that is!

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