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12-way lighting desk


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I work in a school with a theatre but there is a need to lighting in other places with in the school. I have two beta packs, I would like to get a 12 way desk that can to memories and fixtures. I have a fat frog already I don't want to be lumping it around. I have found a couple of desks that will do the job can I have thoughts and/or experinces of these desks


Studio 12 Scan and the Pilot 2000 from SGM.


I don't want a jester ML, small and user friendly is what I want. Could I run the beta from a PC are is there software other than Light Jockey?

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Hmm - depends what you need to do really - I've just recently had a demo on a Smartfade and it didn't suit my purpose at all ... unfortunately because I really liked it from everything I'd read about it and would have liked to buy it.

See my posting on small lx desk for more details.

I would definitely suggest trying to get a demo on whatever desks you are looking at.

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