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Mojo Scan 1 DMX Settings


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I have two Geni Mojo Scan ones controlled by a Geni DigiMaster 4. I have them working but they are set onto one channel so that whatever the first one does the second will copy. When I have tried to put them on seperate channels the functions of the buttons on the controller change from channel to channel when they should keep the same function (i.e. The gobo change slider on channel 1 could end up operating the tilt on the second channel)


Hence I would like to ask if anyone knows what Dip Switch settings each light and the contoller needs to be on so that each light will work on its own channel and the controller will maintain the same functions throughout.


Thankyou in advance;


Adzi01 :)

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OK DMX works on 512 channels. Here are the DMX Addressess that are normally used:- ( I will go up to 10 addressess)


987654321 = Dip switches numbers


000000001 = Start Address 1

000000010 = Start Address 2

000000011 = Start Address 3

000000100 = Start Address 4

000000101 = Start Address 5

000000110 = Start Address 6

000000111 = Start Address 7

000001000 = Start Address 8

000001001 = Start Address 9

000001010 = Start Address 10


How many Channels does your scans take? I am Assuming 4!?


Also if you put down dip1 on the 1st scan and dip9 on the 2nd scan they will do opposites.


If you need more Start address numbers let me know and I will do what I can to help.

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When I put these in they will only work when the 1st channel is pressed on, on the controller and the sliders have multiple effects (ie. On the first one it changes the gobo and on the second scanner) it will pan it

When I put press channel 1 off and two on the second scanner then dosent do anything

So do I need to change anything on the DM4 controller to make it work? :)

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If you put the 1st scan to start at address 1 you will need the 2nd to start at address 5, beacuse they each take up 4 channels. What conrollere are you using? I am 95% certain that the cheaper 'disco' controllers won't allow you to do the functions you require from it.


Ah just seen the controller you have got. I don't think has the capabilities you are looking for.

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