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Breaking crockery on stage


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I don't often get involved in this sort of thing, but I'm looking for a bit of advice. As part of the show I'm touring at the moment, one of the actors is required to break a cup and saucer on stage. Recently she got some new cups as she's smashed all of the previous ones. The problem is that these new cups are shattering quite violently and she has already cut herself a couple of times.


I'm looking for a way to make the cups shatter in a safer manner. Other posts suggest buying unglazed crockery, but I wouldn't know where to start finding this. I looked around a lot of shops today, but could only find glazed ones.


I was wondering if there was a way of scoring the cups with a glass cutter or something so that they would break in a controlled way.


If anybody has any advice then I would welcome it. As I said in the topic description, I'm a lampy and don't have a clue about props!

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Most prop Co's sell stage crockery that is safe to smash up!!

They are plates cups etc that are made of clay and only fired once. So they are fagile and are painted with a wash and design.

That would be the best way forward and safer too


Just had a quic look around and found a co that makes break away crockery for stage use have a look http://www.breakawayfx.com/

Hope this helps!

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Hi there


I did a panto once and there was a scene where plates got smashed. We asked royal Dolton for all there rejects (which were unglazed due to them being rejects) we got them for free as well!!


I also think that a few strips of gaffer or silicone was put in the cup so it held the shards of pot together


Good luck!

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