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10V controller cable


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Recently bought (as recommended on here) a NJD Logic 800s controller, and wanting to provide for future expansion have just bought a pair of NJD DP1000 dimmer packs.


I'm about to start building them into a rack / doing all the wiring for it etc etc, and was wondering if I can use cat5e cable to act as the 10V controller cable as I've got laods of it lying round, and was wanting to be cheap and save a few quid. I'm not actually sure what cat5 is rated to but will it do the job or should I stop being a cheapskate, go down to maplin and shoplift a few meters of other cable ;)

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solid core cable may be a bit fragile, and prone to breakages and damage.


Just snipped open a potential donor cable and the cores are multiple strands - about 7/8 per core so should be ok... Plus it'll be in a rack anyway..


Cool though - as long as they can handle the job then the cheapp route is ideal for me ;)



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