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Student's question about STAGE BLOOD


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I want to make stage blood effect. But the stage blood must make the scenery to be not dirty.

I want to know


1) what ingredients of stage blood can remove easily on the scenery?

2) what things or paints can make a protection of the scenery and let me remove the stage blood easily?

3) what things can I use for cleaning the stage blood on the scenery easily?


Thanks a lot,


J. Kuming

Student of APA :)


20 Sep 2007

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Here's a recipe for Kensington Gore: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KensingtonGore


I don't know if this will stain or not as I've never made this stuff up, but in my experience it washes off clothes and hands fairly easily - you my want to make some up and see if it comes of a bit of set easily. Sponge and water should do the job if it's fresh.

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We used a very similar recipe to the one linked to (basically without the flour) for a production of Blasted. We didn't have any issues wish washing it off the walls or floor. You just need to wash it off as soon as the show ends so it doesn't get a chance to fully dry out.
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