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Q Commander 512DMX Controller


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Hi guys


I am a volunteer with a local theatre company for youths and have recently been assigned to take charge of a DMX board with 4 moving heads. I am figuring out how to program a show but having some difficulty with programming a chase.


Cant seem to get the effect of the moving heads moving from side to side for a dance sequence.


Would appreciate some help.



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Anybody familiar with the Q Commander DMX board? It takes a bit of work to figure out the full functions. I am still flamoxed on how to create a chase.


Anyone care to share and comment on the Q COmmander??

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Ah the Q-commander. The bane of my first experience with moving lights. It does the job, but impliments things in odd ways, and for a few reasons I would stay away from them...

*PCMCIA backups - expensive, not easy to come by

*Limited fixture library

*No partial-mode programming - when you program a step/scene, whatever is being output is recorded, regardless of whether its changed or not

*Touch pads are too sensitive - running your finger along them can activate them


With regards to programming a chase, I can't tell you specifically (it was around 3 years ago when I last used one) but Lightfactor do a free training video for the Q-commander which takes you through step by step. If I remember correctly, you have to plot each scene in a chase seperatly, then set up the chase and tell it which scenes you want it to access.


My 2ps worth.

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right, I can advise here, as im using a Q-commander at the moment.


If you have MSN, then add me to your buddys, I can then chat to you, its easyer, my account name is




if you dont have MSN, then I will advise on here, but it may be a long essay, to exsplain.



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