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Sea changers

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The Photoshop system is what printers need, and is CMYK (the K being Black) - and as it relates to pigment with reflectivity, and not filters with absorption. The paint industry uses the RAL number system to reproduce exact colours from cad and graphics packages.


So far, nobody has even produced a make for make identical colour system from CMY fixtures. Until they do, any conversion to lighting CMY will be very approximate.

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Projection colours are usually spec'd as RGB anyway - thats why commercial printers run a mile from Powerpoint slides are the colours are never right.


To explain in simple terms, turn on 100 lights with red , green and blue filters the result is basically white, add the same colours of paint and what you have is effectively black (or dark brown).


There is no direct comparison between RGB and CMYK, only the MK1 eyeball stands a chance and thats subjective



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As far as I am aware the SeaChanger uses four infinitely variable dichroic discs in the RYGB areas of the spectrum, controlled by four chanels of DMX to produce any colour mix there ever was, therfore I would think it imposible to provide any coding for the output colours although there is some link with Lee filters so there may be DMX input values to correspond to the Lee catalogue.


From experience the only way to find a pigment to match a projected colour is to project the colour onto the surface to be used and then take the pigment swatch booklet and hld it adjacent the projected colour to find a match.


Bearing in mind that the pigment match may be miles away from the filter colour.


eg. Lee 741 Mustard Yellow, the filter looks positively green to the eye but the light output is akin to orange sodium street light. if you were to select a pigment the colour of the filter you'd be miles out.


pigment mixing and light mixing are two completely different processes.

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