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Strobe Effect


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I'm looking for a way of creating lots of small flashes (strobe rather than pyro) distributed around a set as cheaply as possible - ideally I don't want to buy 20 or so fully functioned DMX strobes to do it.


Does anyone know of a product that with daisy chain smaller strobes of a similar size to this - only without the blue casing, ideally. http://www.shokaifareast.com/images/Misc_Products/Lamps/Strobe/strobe_lens_blue_230.JPG.


I've seen this effect in several productions, most recently in the curtain call of Joseph on the LX pipes themselves.


As always, looking to do this as cheaply as possible!


Thanks in advance!

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I reckon you need a quantity of little self-contained strobe units - do a Google for "egg strobe" or "sparkle strobe". These are little units, either with wire tails or on an E27 screw-cap fitting, that you simply apply power to and they sit there and flash every second or two. If you use a lot of them, the flash rates vary sufficiently from unit to unit that you can create a really nice sparkly, ripply sort of effect. Mmm, lovely!


Edit : Grr! Lots of people are typing faster than me today! :)

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