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Update Strand 520i


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Hi everyone


I'm going to work with one console Strand 520i but it as an older software.

I went to the Strand site and download the last software version 2.8.6 but in the install notes it say that we have to have at least the 2.3 f version. The console that I'm going to use has 2.3 d version.


As anybody knows if I can have any problem if I install the 2.8.6 with the 2.3 d version? And if I've got a problem were can I find the 2.3 f version? (I'm searching all around the net and I can't find it)


Other question is how can I work with an offline editor of Strand with Windows XP?




Fuzos 89

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Hi There


I don't think you will have a problem with it but if you are concend about it follow this link to pick up 2.3f







Thanks for the link Baz


I will try to install first the 2.3 f version and then the last one.


I'll do that because I work normally with avab systems (expert, vlc) and now with the ETC's Congo, so it's better to update the Strand console as they said.


Fuzos 89

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