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PC Stage problems


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I know I have posted loads over last few days but I need to get a load of stuff sorted.


I have a small but annoying problem. I use PC Stage and know how to do 99% of things and have used it for a while now and am pleased. I have registered it and am using mediasync plugin. Some MP3's I try and play I get these messages


"Unable to render media file" and then "unable to open movie"


This is on just a few of my MP3's which is strange. It is not the size I have determined


I have reinstalled PCStage, reinstalled the plugin, unregistered and reregistered. Spoke to Mike North (the author I beleive of this software) and he doesnt know what it is! Anyone else had this problem.


It only happens on some MP3's I can play movies and others but just a few are weird.

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I have re-downloaded the new mediasync and put it in. I noticed it was slightly different size!

Anyway, I tried to open a file and it now says


"fatal rendering error"


"Unable to open media file"


Sorry to the "software guru" but not fixed, I will drop another email to Michael, the author as I do not have the gurus email ;)

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Oh dear, this bodes bad.


Just for info; I've heard the Software Guru(!) speak of a file you sent to Mike North; Mike North cant play the file either, but the Software Guru's machine plays it without a hitch, this suggesting you have a codec problem.


You should join the mailing list and drop the problem on there (ie it still doesn't work), whereupon all will see it, including Michael, the author.


Looks like my original supposition about this being a bug that I'd already identified was erroneous...


I'll PM you the authors email address

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I sent you a PM before reading this post so ignore! The file plays fine in media player, media player classic, zoom player, wave audio, audacity! I can't see how this is a codec problem unless I have a codec that mediasync can't use.


I will email the Guru and see what codecs he uses

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Hey guys I have been using pc stage for a long time now and have had every problem it has had thrown at me one of them was this audio thing you guys are having trouble with. our theatre have only recently discovered the cure for this. pc stage does not like too much change in audio formats. the best answer to this is to convert all your audio to ACM wave files they will all play nicely OR you can download a free program called switch and convert all your audio to pcm UNCOMPRESSED .wav this is a great program as it allows you to convert an entire file. also mp3 are great for mp3 players but are not the kind of things you want pumping out of your pa system.


great to know how many people are using this fantastic software (however many times we want to strangle it)


cheers, pc stage magic fingers

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In my video work I had this problem once (not pc stage) in the end I loaded the file into a sound editing software program and re saved it, ok after that.


It may be a (slightly) corrupt file that your program doesn't like!



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