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Followspot, levers really stiff!


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I have a couple of follow spots, not sure which make model (I am sorry, I will find out tommorow) but anyway, the main shutter on one is really stiff.

I was gonna spray some WD40 on it but was warned off. I guessed probably same principle as not touching lamps with fingers as sweat (oil) will shirink the life of the lamp.


Anyone have any ideas??


My followspot looks a bit like this http://www.terralec.co.uk/follow_and_profi...tt/18389_p.html

but certainly not same model, mine has levers on top and the big bracket sits underneath

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Is your followspot wet? Cos WD40 is a Water Dispersant (hence the WD) and anti-corrosion treatment, and is not specifically designed as a lubricant (although it does contain about 10% mineral oil, and so has some lubricating properties)


Don't use it on your F/S iris - once it heats up, you'll just make the problem worse - it'll either burn, or gunge up...


You need a graphite-based lubricant - stick "graphite" into the search box above, this has been discussed here before.



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I cant say where you'd get it in the uk, but here we got our hands on some lubricant for furnace doors!

(usual google search should find you some!)


"lubricant for high temperatures" they call it, that simple (although "high" might be an understatement!!!)


it smokes a wee bit for the first 5 or so mins of use but after that its the mutts nutts!!


we use it with care though..


eg.. spraying on a followspot iris, we spray it.. then strike the lamp.. and SLOWLY over 5-10mins close the iris so its not just a super-heated smoke machine!


Edit: Things going a bit mental at work atm due to 4pm truck arriving to collect me and a stadium sized LED screen, which isnt fully working "yet" but if I Get time I'll post the name/maker of this spray

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