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IPAF training & MEWPs


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Thought I'd share my recent experiences of these if anyone is interested...


The main hall at my day job is used now & again for events that need lighting rigging; the bars are fixed along the walls at about 6m up. We'd previously always used a scaff tower to access them - always a pain to put up & down and if seating is required it can't be put out until we've finished with the tower. If a lamp blows after the seating is out, tough. Over the summer, a Genie GR20 VPP was purchased. We had the training last week and used it for rigging today.


Thoughts on the training first of all. I know these things are necessary and the practical aspect was obviously very useful but the theory side was pure common sense. I scored 96% in the test before we even started the training and although I had no previous experience with these things, very little was covered that didn't (to me at least) seem pretty obvious. (The training CDROM had more superfluous apostrophes than I've ever seen in one place before but I'll save that for the greengrocer's thread...)


Anyway, the experience of using it today was fantastic! No more hauling lanterns up on ropes. No more pushing a heavy tower around. No more climbing up & down & up & down the ladder. What had previously been a four or five man job was now easily accomplished by two. I would highly recommend it if your venue is considering getting one.


Who needs flightcases for racing? This is far more fun! :blink:

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Snap! We have a set of new studio spaces, with 9m ceilings. Towers etc. were not appropriate, so I sucessfully argued for a Genie GS2632 scissor lift. It's not often I can say "mine's bigger than yours" ;-)


I share your concern regarding the training, however, our instructor did point out that many of his clients were not well educated, and in some cases couldn't read. The issue that seems in need of change is that no one will let a non IPAF ticket holder drive the machine to learn how to use it, but a first time user could pass the course and be deemed "qualified".

I'd have thought that letting a newcomer drive whilst supervised (so as to gain experience ahead of the IPAF test) would be something to consider.



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