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Robe XT 160's


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Right the Martin scanners have been sorted....now for the robes'!


The club at which I am working have 8 Robe XT 160's, 6 of which are displaying Colour and Gobo errors on the on-board display.


I have tried changing over the magnets and sensors on the units, but the error is still appearing, the stepper motors appear to be working, ie...they will attempt to reset on power up, is it possible that all of these motors have lost some of their functionality and are not moving their relevant wheels to the desired positions or is there a more common problem with these fixtures that you guys can shed any light on beefore I go about ordering copious amounts of new steeper motors!


Thanks in advance....




PS...I'm looking for two dimmer stepper motors for Martin Roboscan Pro 218 MKII....any offers?! :-)

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Have you had a good check of the looms between the control board and the various motors/snesors. Wiring faults are quite often the cause of errors in almost every make of moving light so I would have a serious check of this before you start ordering replacement motors. With the design of the fixture your talking being as it is, I would suspect that the wiring looms are subjected to more stress than your average moving light design.
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Having ruled out the looms, the next thing is the free-ness of the steppers. The gobo/colour errors occur (are remembered) if the hall sensor is not properly activated during the reset, either because it's faulty, out of adjustment or the motor does not reach it before the reset times out. Hall sensors are pretty reliable, (the connectors arent!), the motors getting stiff are a popular problem with all moving heads as they age. And check the magnet hasnt fallen out!!


Check the motor drive waveform is correct, this will cause rough /incomplete resets/movement and can be caused by a section of the driver IC going duff.

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