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Zero 88 Jester


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Just spotted this on etnow...

A.C. Lighting’s North Tradeshow Provides First UK Showing for Leading Products


Zero 88 Jester console and Frog 2 console launch software version.


Jester? What's that then?

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Jester is aimed at the mid-level user and has been developed alongside the Frog2 by Zero88's R&D team.


According to Zero88:


'Jester will offer a broad range of features. It is aimed at users looking for a cue stack, submasters, and easy access to faders. It will have monitor output as standard and will use USB memory sticks for back-up storage.


'Jester will be able to take DMX input and snapshot all 512 input channels. This makes it ideal as an economical backup console. Snapshot memories can be played back using the submasters or the cue stack.'


It will be available around ABTT time in June.

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Is there any details about this desk (Jester) from Z88 or haven’t they released any info yet? When is it likely to be released the desk and info and what would people expect the price range to be (obviously Zero88 will let the industry set the price like they did with the Rack6) but any general ideas? Links please to info if there is any... :blink:



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Blimey, at this rate I'll never spend the money I've put to one side for a new desk. :blink:


Wait until 'Jester' is shown at the end of April, then I may as well wait until ABTT in case someone else launches something, then I'm off on holiday and back in time for PLASA to see what is launched there. :guilty:


And before you ask, NO, I am not going to buy you all a drink with it.

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Ok, this is what I learned about Jester....


If you want to compare it to a single desk currently on the market it's probably closest to ETC Smartfade but without all the coloured lights.


There will be 3 versions...

  • 12/24 rack mount version £695 list price
  • 12/24 desktop version £775 list price
  • 24/48 desktop version £999 list price

It has three operating modes...

  • Two preset
  • Program
  • Run

It has two banks of faders - bank A is always 'Preset A', bank B is either 'Preset B' or submasters. Each fader has a flash key. Each fader bank has a page select switch so that you can get at all the channels or submasters. ie on a 12/24 the top row of faders control channels 1-12 with the page switch off, or 13-24 with it selected.


It has patching to DMX but this is not proportional.


It has 12 extra channels - these are for things like smoke machines or scrollers. Each extra channel is accessed by a shift key and the flash buttons under bank A. Each extra channel can be patched to a DMX channel and can have an 'on' and 'off' value assigned. These are LTP.


The front panel has a USB port to connect a memory stick or a USB keyboard. It has a monitor port as standard.


The display on the unit is a 4-line LCD.


There is a memory stack which can have different in and out times put onto each step. Moving around the stack is very much like a Frog with 4 arrow keys and an enter key. There is no numeric keypad. There is a Go button. The stack does not support jumps out of order.


It has chases much like other Z88 desks with buttons to control things like direction. It has a rate control which works like a Frog - ie globally or on a per-chase basis. Chases can be put into the stack or onto submasters


There is a DMX input which allows you to record a snapshot of the input into any sub or stack memory.


It has copy/insert/delete buttons.


It has MIDI in and sound-to-light.


In many ways it's a combined Alcora/Elara. If you know how they work you'll feel familiar with this desk.


What was shown yesterday was a working hardware platform but the software was not demonstrable. They are talking of product around ABTT.


Well, that's the limit of my notes.

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Thanks Brian - have heard about this a few times but have had great difficulty actually tracking down the specs!!!


As far as I know I don't think that Zero88 have actually released a proper Spec sheet yet, not on their website at least.



I picked up a single sided, colour laser printed, sheet at the AC show.

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Hello All,


Can anyone from Zero88 confirm if the desk will be at ABTT, and additionally if there will be a working software release for demonstrations etc.


Many thanks,


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