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Croatia Radio mic frequencies


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Hi all,


I've been asked to quote for supplying a small PA system and a single radio mic for a job in Croatia in a few weeks, but I don't know whether the UK based sennheiser kit I have (ew 300G2 stuff) will operate over there and if there is any restrictions on frequency spectrum. From memory I think the kit will work from about 839 to 867 MHz. In the UK I know there is a licence free region from 863-865MHz (plus I have a ch 69 shared licence) but I have no idea if that's true in Croatia.


Can anybody out there advise or else tell me where to go looking please?

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Have to say that the Croatian Diplomatic and trade official representation may be the only ones to know!




Unless Shure or Sennheiser or AKG have info on a www somewhere.




I am sorry, won't be mush of a help, just that the link is pointing to Croatia's neighboring country Serbia, and their last interaction with Croatia was war. So, just to be on the right frequency.


Regards, Goran

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