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Karaoke/DVD Player like thing

DMX Will

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Hello everyone.


I'm on a mission to find a DVD player (can be Karaoke as well) that will:


a) show the time remaining for the current chapter on the front screen and

b) allow you to turn the on-screen display off (or not have one in the first place!)


Basically the aim of the DVD/Karaoke player is to play DVDs without the gumpf on screen so we can add DVDs properly to our VJ Show (For mobile and club work). Time remaining is a must, as I need to be able to see when to mix the next track in etc.


If it does cue points, that'd be nice too, but by no means a major requirement.


Budget it up to £800 for a single DVD playing device.



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We have two sets of the Numark DVD01 Dual players in out main venue and I believe they play CD+G - don't quote me on that but I think they do.


They have a switchable OSD and are cueable.


They are not bad units - however I have no idea on pricing, but I would expect they are a lot less than £800!

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Thanks Guys,


Just to say...I only want it to play DVDs - I don't really want a Karaoke player! Although I've put it up there as I know a fair few of the Karaoke machines these days play DVDs and might be up to the job.


Thanks again.

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the numark unit is deisgned for vj use and you get two dvd players for about 500 quid, in a fairly solidly built unit. The pioneer DVJ1000 can probably be got for about 800 quid if you look about, too, and it's very very nice for vj work. £800 is loads for a dvd player!
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