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Revolving Door (Not a door on a revolve)


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Staging "Grand Hotel" in North London in early November.


Need a large and sturdy fully functioning revolving door (wood / glass) - as found in many a hotel lobby (1930s Berlin). This is used as the main entrance / exit so has to be reliable and sturdy.


So, has anyone hired one recently or know where I can get one? Tried most of the big set / prop hire companies but no luck.



James (Harrow / Barnet)

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We have built a revolving door especially for our production of "It's Only Make Believe". Set in a 1930s Art Deco Cinema, it might well prove ideal for your needs.


We have already done the show in Croydon and are about to do the show in Dawlish (21st to 25th August), so I will take some photos of it specifically when we have rebuilt the set.


It is constructed with a central "spine/pivot" of 2" square steel with 4 x 6ft 6in by 3ft MDF "doors" bolted on. Each door is painted gold and has been "CNCed" to be an Art Deco Design.


It will be available for hire, but the height (slightly lower than ideal to fit under a 7ft high steeldeck balcony) might be a slight draw back.


Contact me directly if you are at all interested and I can forward you some better pictures. Some shots are on the "home page" of our website, but I don't think any are that helpful. (www.mitreplayers.org.uk)




ps. it will revolve either way depending on your moral standing.

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