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£200.. lighting rig


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You'll struggle to find anything for under £200.


As Ben said, your best bet is looking for a package with some Pars a couple of T-stands, a couple of Alphapack stle dimmer packs


(they run off a 13A socket, and have either 3 or 4 channels (Alphapacks have 3, but you can get much cheaper 4 channel packs, which have 4 channels, usually they're IEC outputs.)


and a simple controller.



To get 4 x Par64s, a T-stand, a dimmer pack, and a simple controller you're probably looking at between £200 and £300 at Thomann Cyberstore or Terralec.


I would recommend getting something like that, and gradually adding to it when you have the money. Try and resist going for the cheesy disco type effects, a nice small rig of Parcans look much much nicer on stage!


Hope that helps,




Sorry to double post, but are you looking to buy? Or to hire?


I think James' reccomendation was a hire package, rather than a purchase package.

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Ok, you're basically in the same situation I was...I was lucky and got given a pile of stuff which started me on my way.


For about £500 you can get 8 Parcans a couple of T-bars, a couple of dimmer packs, and a simple control. So it may be an idea to start saving...or start with something smaller.


As I said previously, you can get a basic set-up of stand, dimmer, control, and 4 cans for about £200-300, so that's probably your best bet if you want it soon-ish!


Is it just you buying it? Or is it a group effort? If it's just you, get the rest of the band to put some money in aswell.

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