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Help Desperately Needed!!


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Hi guys,


I came across this site while looking for a job, and found it was just my kinda thing! I'm an 18yo guy who really loves theatre. Here's my background!


I started in theatre by playing for a schools orchestra for a production of Fiddler on the Roof. I realised when I was 12 years old, that I didn't want to be in the orchestra, but wanted to be doing what my Form tutor was - climbing up scaffolding and playing with lighting and sound equipment. I told him this and he taught me loads... For the next 4 years, I was his right hand man, learning everything he knew about lighting design, sound design, book reading etc, and loved every minute. My school was highly orientated around performing arts, and were producing two shows a year, and one massive one every two years. When I was fifteen, my form tutor had left, and little old me was giving the role of Technical SM for our main production of My Fair Lady. I was crapping myself! I designed the lighting and sound, had a team of 5 under me and worked my arse of for 4 months - but thoroughly enjoyed it. I left school due to moving out of home and now work in luxury retail - however, every time I go and see a show, I want to be working on it!! And this time I've decided to do something about it!


I would really love ANY advice from you guys about the best routes to take/qualifications etc as this is my dream!


Please Help!!





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New technician,


There is loads of good advice from Pro's in this part of the forum - http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showforum=10 - take some time out to give it a good read! (Also saves me typing it out again :** laughs out loud **:)


Also, were in the UK are you? If you give us a clue towards your location, then someone might be able to offer you some advice as to which theatre's to try for casual work.






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I live in Bromley in Kent - bout 20mins from Central London.

Give the Churchill Theatre a try for casual work. Lots of big-ish tours come through there, and productions often open there too so it can be a bit more interesting than just plain old receiving theatre work. They're on 020 8464 7131, and the chief LX is Chris Nicholls.


Failing that, you're only a stone's throw from the West End by train - you could try for some follow-spot work at any of the major venues, it's often a good "foot in the door".


By the way .... "luxury retail" ... ??? :** laughs out loud **: Sounds like a euphemism for "over-priced tat that you never realised you wanted until you walked into our shop" ... :)

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try your' local college for education pointers - they should be able to get a reference from your old college/school and you may be able to do some c+g qualifications part time.

try all of the local theatres for cassie work and the west end would be a good bet.


all the best


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By the way - any where on her to put a CV?

Posting a CV directly to this site isn't really appropriate - but you could always upload a copy to some free web space, then submit a post to the "Students/Graduates Available For Work" section with a bit of info about the type of work you're looking for and a hyperlink to your CV.

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If u wish to get a degree I would go to Rose Bruford College and do the BA (hons) in Lighting design in Sidcup.


You will learn a hell of a lot there. I'm a 1st year there at the mo and am loving it.



Just a question, how much of this course is practical and how much of it is written?? Just wondering.



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I went to rose bruford too!! horay for rosie B!!!

I worked part time at lewisham theatre, catford (now called broadway theatre)

its not far from bromley at all. Tech manager is a lady who mostly goes by the name of Chris (if she's still there!)


I did my degree in stage management. Covered all aspects of theatre and loved it.

Now working as technical manager at Exmouth Pavilion, Devon.


Good luck

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