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Freelance Tech website - Register Today!!


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Freelance Tech Autralia is a new directory of freelance technicians involved in the event production industry in Australia and New Zealand.


Help make this site a useful tool for both technicians and event managers by registering today... it's free!!



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Thanks to user feedback, Freelance Tech Australia has been re-written to make the registration proccess clearer, as well as a new look!


I'd love to hear any feed back regarding any categories you feel are missing, or any other specific features you'd like to see made available!!







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One thing that occurred to me during registration:


A landline phone is a required field for signing up, but many freelance prefer to advertise only their mobiles as the "official" contact.


As dbuckley says, the Forum/Forum Registration section is a broken link.



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Top site mate... I remember seeing this on ALIA a while ago. Looks like it's progressed really well!


I sent through an email via the contact form regarding advertising. I'm not too sure if it worked though so shoot through a PM to me if you didn't receive it.




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