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Another sbstrac vr8 problem


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Hey guys, I found this site using google when trying to solve a problem.


I have just moved 4 vr8's from one part of the venue to service them and put them up somewhere else. The problem I have is that out of the 4, one is completely knackered (main board has gone). One seems to be in perfect working order (displaying C - 1) as it should and the other two in the chain are displaying L. - 1 to indicate they are slaving from the 1st unit. The mirrors are panning and tilting correctly and the lamp is on. they just wont project the lamp onto the mirror.


Has anyone got any ideas?





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Might be able to help better if you can let us know what the control indicators are on each unit. From the manual:-


The “dots” on the display indicate what is controlling the VR. If the right hand

dot is lit, a DMX control signal is being received. If the left hand dot is lit,

another VR is sending a light show to this unit. If the middle dot is flashing, the

VR is running from sound triggers.


Also might be worth checking that none of the units have Light Show enabled in the menu's. Menu option to check this is LSE and it should be set to off.


If you don't have a copy of the manual it can be found HERE.

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Guest joewhite903
Hi there I'm Doing a full strip down repair on 4 vr8s at the moment in my workshop in RS Sound + Light. If Your not getting any output You may find that the colour wheel has seized up , that is what is up with three of the units I'm doing , the best way to sort it is to take the case apart and take out the gobo/colour Assembly two screws few wires very simple , take colour wheels off with Allen key then dismantle back of motor and use some very light oil and spin bearings until free then reassemble, that should be your only problem, regarding the control board on the other one it may be something stupidly simple , those boards don't tend to just give up, most likely if its not lighting up at-all its probs the transformer , or the fuse , both don't cost very much, hope this off use Joe
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