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Technobeam litho problem


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I'm used to using fixtures with stoppers in them for the gobo wheels (CP Miniscan HPE for example) but with the Technobeams I have, one of the litho wheels keeps slipping out of allignment (by about half a litho every so often).

Why does it do this? The wheel is attached firmly to the rod of the stepper motor, the sensor is clean and the wheel doesn't grind off any other componant inside. Is there anything I need to have a look at to fix this problem?

I've noticed that it happens more when the litho is being rotated. Do I need to look into the rotation wheel?



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Guest joewhite903
Hi there was wondering have u had the unit apart for full strip-down/servicing etc, one thing that I have found when reassembling units is that if ur not careful u can screw the gobo wheel back on to the shaft just out off alignment and at some point through a program it will get lost and be out of alignment, another thing is check that the motor is not slightly sized if say ur running a big lighting program and ur using all effects on a light if the motor isn't as loose as it should be then it may lose its position , hope this is off help Joe
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Hi Jamie


It sounds to me like the problem may well be with the gobo rotation, if the rotation is sticking for any reason it can cause the wheel itself to turn rather than just the gobos.


The best way to solve this is to take the gobo wheel out and ensure all the rotations spin freely, and are clean from any dirt or debris that may have found its way in to the mechanism.


While the wheel is out ensure that the motors for the gobo and gobo rotation both turn freely and are not stiff as this is a sign that they may be on the way out also ensure that the gobos are all seated properly under the springs and are not sitting at angles or loose.


After ensuring that all of the parts are ok and clean refit the wheel ensuing it is tight to the motor shaft.


Hopefully this will solve your problem.


All the best


Ben Kovler

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