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40s Microphone


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I'm looking for a 1940s looking microphone. It must work, but that can be a cut and paste job. I want it to look right, that's why the topic is here!


I have a working shure 55 ( http://www.shure.co.uk/ProAudio/Products/S...HSeriesII_model ) but IMO that is too late a design, and the case should be a coffin shaped perforated metal box ( http://w1tp.com/i_0500.gif )


As a style point which would you go for? Has anyone a supplier, or one to sell please?

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How about an old Coles 4021 (Apple and Biscuit), or (more easily available) a 4038 ribbon.

The 4038 is a bit late, but are still in production and should be readily hireable.


I did have an STC 4017 that would have been period, but don't think I still have it.


Regards, Dan.

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