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Hanging truss on truss


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Hi All.


Just looking for some advice on hanging some trussing.


I have had an idea for a rig and want to make sure that it is safe to do so.


My idea is to have a length of truss at the back of the stage, 18m long, supported by 4 chain hoists. What I would like to do is rig down wards from this.


By this I mean in the centre of the truss hang 3 pieces of 3m truss with 3 movers on one below the next so I will end up with 4 trusses hanging.


If this is safe to do can you do this using round slings? Sling of the top truss to truss 2. Truss 2 to truss 3 and truss 3 to truss 4.


If you can let me know what you think and if it is not safe if there are any ways of doing this!




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The short answer is yes, as long as the support points can carry the weight and you are not exceeding the loading capacities of the truss. You need to work out all the cumulative point loads to ensure you're within these boundaries.
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While there are certainly ways of doing this and calculating the loads at all points and levels, there will be huge problems with the dynamics unless you can accommodate the moving loads applied by moving heads. You will only find out where the lights are focussed when the motion ceases.
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