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Coolie Light Shades


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Hiya all,


I am looking for a supplier who does the classic metal 'Coolie' lamp shade as found in factories/industrial applications that can take a 100w pearl lamp fitting. The ones I have in mind have a matt green finish. Can anyone point me in the direction of a web site or company who can supply these?


Thanking you all yet again!

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Hi Rob,




Great British Lighting (I know them as Cosalt)

Tyson Lighting

Andy Thorntons

Chelsom Lighting, but these might not be the best.


I'd suggest Andy Thorntons, they are antique and reproduction experts for the leisure industry, based in Yorkshire.


Cosalt are based in Fleetwood

Chelsom in Blackpool

Tyson in Blackburn


Failing that, I'm trying to remember where they were sourced from, as I am sure the 'Old Orleans' chain used to use them in thier decor scheme, and I'm 90% sure that one of the above supplied them.


In fact....


This it?

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