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Setting multiple level controls


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Radio mic receiver feeding into mixer:


Mic output level high + low mixer gain setting

Mic output level low + high mixer gain setting

Both set "somewhere in the middle"


All achieve the same result. Which is preferable?

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Depends on Microphones, how good they are, your mixer, your speakers etc.


For example, Whilst on tour with a well known Welsh playwrite, one of the systems I used was:-


Seinhiser EW2 (sp feel free to correct mods) lavs

Allen and Heath mixer

DBX 31 band graphic EQ

KV2 ex 2.2 bins

KV2 ex 10 tops.


Mixer was set at 0dB on master, no gain was applied and the mic was ran at -20dB. For comparison a backing track on mini-disc was playing at the time on -5dB.


On another system I had to use a little gain.


Room acoustics has a lot to do with it as well..........

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