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GU10 lamps bright and narrow?


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Hi Everybody,


I'm in the market for the following: GU10 75w 230v 50mm front birdy lamps in the narrowest possible beam angle.


After several exausive Google searches, I'm coming up fairly empty. I've found 38 degree and 50 degree which are very wide not particularly what I'm after but I ordered the 38 degree anyway as I came up empty.


I've found narrower 27 degree but only in 50w.

I've found narrower beam angles but not with 50mm fronts so won't fit into birdy cans.

And of course the choice is endless if I go to 12v but atm I'm after mains voltage.


If anyone has a source for narrow lamps of the spec above, I'd be most greatful.

I'm told GZ10s are also compatible although won't fit as well, I'd be willing to give these a shot too.



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Because of big filament size wont get GU/GZ 10s as narrow as low voltage lamp, should be able to get a 25 degree GU10, GU has aluminised reflector and reflects heat forwards, GZ has dichro coating with a cool beam, GZ has square shoulders and wont fit in chamfered holder for GU lamp.
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