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First lighting rig


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Hi everyone.


I'm just about to dip my toe into the lighting arena as my band (I play guitar) needs some lights. As we do a mixture of small pubs and a few bigger venues we need to buy something that can be expanded either by hiring or buying additional kit. What we don't want is multiple rigs.


We need to keep this *very* simple as (1) I'm a lighting novice and (2) we're skint :)


I'm thinking along the following lines.


8 PAR 56 cans on two stands, so we can either use one or both sets of 4.

4 channel (8 IEC outputs) DMX dimmer pack such as the Showtec Multidim.

4 channel foot controller such as the Showtec Lightfoot.


For bigger gigs we would use an engineer to do sound and light, so we would probably hire (or buy)a small lighting desk. A mate of mine does discos and has quite a selection of lighting effects, heads, strobes, lasers, smoke etc so we might borrow some of these to add interest.


Does all/any of this sound sensible/doable or am I barking up the wrong tree ?

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About 20 odd years ago this was the rig a band I did lighting for started of with except there were par 64 not par 56.


This is a very simple and easy to use setup.


I would recommend buying a kit of these from some were like terrelec there are loads of great deals you can get your hand on.


so yes this does sound very reasonable for someones first buy.


you can all ways add scanners or other lighting effects as the band hopefully grows


good luck feel free to PM me if you need a quote



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With the exception of using PAR64s fitted with raylight reflectors and 650W lamps that is exactly the rig in my 'Dry Hire Band Kit'. My dimmers are fitted into a pair of those aluminium toolbox/camera case flightcases.
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Tx for the replies.


I'm very tempted to go for Terralec's set with the 8 x Par56's, Showtec foot controller and two DMX dimmers. Everything I need for under 500ukp, including clamps, cables, safety wire etc.


Given that the minimum hire price for that lot is 40-60ukp, we'd have our money back in 8-10 gigs.

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We used a Quartet once for a gig and although the light was very good, (bright with dense colours), we didn't like the way you couldn't focus the lamps individually. As you say, Pars are the way I think.
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