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Jem ZR12


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Hi All.


At work we did an install in a night club where we put in a Jem ZR12.


It is sitting on a flat service and not angled at all but it keeps on spraying fluid out with the smoke and it is making the area around it very dangerouse!


We have sent it for repaire once but it has started doing it again!!


Has anybody else had this problem or have any solutions?




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What fluid are you using?

If it's not genuine Jem fluid then that is very likely a good place to start.


We had just that problem with our 24/7 hazer - sent it for repair and it came back as testing fine.

Wasn't til I happened on a whim to check the fluid that I realised that some numpty had filled the hazer bottle with fog fluid - NOT Jem fluid either.


Washed it out, refilled the bottle and hey presto - works like magic!

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