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Mac controlled USB DMX software


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Hi, I've already searched for this and read the FAQ and the only software for a USB DMX that works on a Macintosh that I've been able to find is ChamSys. and I cannot get it to work...I tried downloading the driver they have on the site and it does nothing. The dongle is just not getting info from the computer.


So being as that is, I was hoping someone out there might know of another USB DMX software program that works on OSX. Preferably a free one.


Thanks in advance for your time.

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LanBox works, but it isn't cheap and is horrendously expensive IIRC.


http://www.usbdmx.com/software_preset_desk.html also works on a mac, but you have to build the interface yourself !!


Hope that helps somewhat, I've been a little surprised at the lack of OSX software considering how people constantly talk about it being for much more artistic types.


The way I see many people doing it these days, is by having an Intel Mac and then either using boot camp or parallels to run windows for their DMX packages.

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I've used my intel mac book pro to control Hog 2 and Hog 3 PC using parallels running XP. This includes running usb programming wing and playback wing with DMX widgets form HiEnd.

I'm not sure what you are using to output the DMX.

Parallels is about £50 but it does mean that you don't have to go done the boot camp root. I know this isn't purley mac based but it has been very succesful for me.

Just a thought.



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http://www.usbdmx.com/software_preset_desk.html also works on a mac, but you have to build the interface yourself !!


Actually I'll build them for you, have a look in the ordering section.


I am also a long way down the line with some much better software than the preset desk. You can find it at http://www.usbdmx.com/chameleon. I have done quite a bit more work in the last few months that is not in the download version on the site. I'll be uploading it soon, but feel free to drop me a mail if you want it in advance.


You don't need an interface to play with the software. It has support for midi control surfaces, I use the BCF2000 with its motorised faders, which means when you change banks the faders snap into their correct position, which is nice. It also has support for programmable keyboards, I have used it with both a custom POS keyboard I got from ebay, and more recently a commercial one from PI engineering called the X-Keys Pro.


I am actively developing the software, so its moving on all the time. Please feel free to email me if you want to help shape it for your needs.





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Not A mac user, but I am a CHamsys user, and the support I've had from them is great. If you search through through the chamsys site for the support email address, drop them an email detailing your problems, and they're usually very good about getting back to you. Matt from Chamsys is also on the BR forum somewhere...

(not a chamsys dealer/tester etc, just a user who's had good service)



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Hi Marc,


To run the MagicQ software on Mac, you need to have X11 installed (it's on your OSX disks but is an optional install) as X11 allows you to run MagicQ at full speed, rather than in the slow Windows Emulation mode. Although if you have been able to run the software you probably don't need to worry about this as you will already have it!


To get DMX out of your dongle, you need to set it up correctly in the VIEW DMX I/O view of the SETUP window - set the Out Type column for universe 1 to the appropriate dongle. Which one are you using?




Matt Lemon

ChamSys Ltd

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