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Amp'ing instruments.

Josh 2

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Another 'in-experienced' question from me… hope nobody minds!


When amping instruments, especially guitars, should it be done by DI'ing out of the guitar amp into the PA, or should it be a microphone in front of the guitar amp to the PA. I'm thinking purely DI's out of amps here, not DI boxes.


The first option seems neater, but I have seen many references using mic's, particularly with bass guitar. Is there a reason, pro's/con's.


Thanks all,


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Fairly certain its been discussed before - might even be in the Wiki. Mic in front of amp as Guitar amps have their own characteristic sound. Can also be DI'd if you require and the two inputs mixed to get the sound you want. Most of the time in pub/ club situations, the sound you want is the guitarist to turn his b!!!!y amp down:)
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Hi Dave... thanks,


Just out of curiousity (I will wiki), but does a guitar amp not send the same characteristics out through the DI connection as it produces at the speaker, or is the DI out just a line-level or pre-amp of the guitar's pick-up(s)?




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